TMRP PhD Studentships

MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership 

PhD studentships at various locations across the UK

The MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership (TMRP) brings together a number of national and international networks, institutions and partners undertaking clinical trials and trials methodology research. Our overall aim being to improve patient care by improving the way in which the healthcare evidence base is developed.

Our PhD programme presents a unique opportunity to undertake training and research in major areas where clinical trials need to be improved to help increase the health of society. Projects encompass a variety of subject areas including statistics, mathematics, health economics, epidemiology, psychology, social science, computer science, informatics and health services research. 

  • Membership of a student cohort, embedded within an international network of health researchers and clinical trialists
  • Opportunity to join one or more of the 8 TMRP Working Groups
  • Exposure to a wide range of relevant research initiatives


Here are some of the HTMR Network PhD cohort describing their experiences and the benefits of studying for a PhD in trials methodology cohort and community such as TMRP - Charlie Harper, Heather Catt and Gemma Clayton



Name  University Title Email 

Sadia Ahmed 

University of Leeds 

Optimising implementation of complex healthcare interventions in elderly care trials

Saiam Ahmed 


Optimising the use of routinely collected heath records in clinical trials

Arabella Baker

University of Nottingham

Measuring outcomes in eczema clinical trials

Heather Barrington

University of Liverpool

Optimising patient participation in COS
Lauren Bell LSHTM  Design of trials for health related smart phone apps
Mike Bradburn  University of Sheffield   Strengths and weaknesses of different methods for assessing the external validity of RCTs using routine data sources (particularly registries)
Kieran Bromley  Keele University  Measuring child development in low and middle income countries
Cydney Bruce University of Nottingham Methods for randomisation
Anca Chis Ster Kings College London A unified approach for the statistical analysis of post-randomisation variables in clinical trials
Jade Chynoweth University of Plymouth  Improving the efficiency of modelling complex physical activity data using novel statistical methods
Taylor Coffey University of Aberdeen  Using behavioural approaches to improve trial recruitment and retention
Saskia Eddy QMUL Choosing the design of an external pilot study, focusing on objectives and sample size
Kirsty Garfield  University of Bristol Developing a modular resource-use questionnaire for use in RCTs
Nassos Gkekas  University of York The cost effectiveness of Studies within a Trial (SWATs) for improving recruitment and retention in RCTs
Charlie Harper  University of Oxford  Can routine healthcare data be used to efficiently and reliably follow-up participants in renal trials: analyses using linked data form 2 large renal trials
Danielle Johnson  University of Liverpool Evidence synthesis for biomarker validity to inform biomarker-stratified trials
Ben Jones  University of Plymouth  A Bayesian approach to the design and analysis of cluster randomised controlled Trials
Jamlick Karumbi  University of Liverpool Extending COS participation to low and middle  income countries
Mandy Lau  Cardiff University  The use of modern modelling methods for the statistical analysis of microbiological data in clinical trials of antimicrobial stewardship interventions
Yujin Lee University of Warwick  Statistical methods for analysing longitudinal ordinal data in emergency and critical care clinical trials
Wang Pok Lo  University of Edinburgh The search for valid surrogate outcomes: review of current evidence and development of practical strategies for surrogate evaluation
Rachel Maishman  University of Bristol  Development of an objective measure of clinical recovery after cardiac surgery for use in RCTs
Katie Mellor  University of Oxford  Improving the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of external pilot and feasibility studies
Iqra Muhammad  University of Liverpool Automated search algorithms for trials methodology research
Luke Ouma  Newcastle University  Statistical methodology for precision medicine trials
Guilherme Pessoa-Amorim University of Oxford  Real-world drug data from electronic health records in the NHS: Validation and application in a randomised control trial of cardiovascular disease
Yankier Pijeira Perez Bangor University  Optimal designs for studies that follow on from HTA coverage with evidence development decisions
Violeta Razanskaite  University of Liverpool Record-keeping in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) within electronic patient record systems: Current practice and motivations for collecting structured data
Alessandra Serra  Cambridge University Adaptive clinical trial designs in infectious diseases
Lukas Staudt University of Liverpool  Exploring the potential for the use of spinal registry data in clinical trials
Jacqueline Thompson  University of Birmingham  Methods for cluster crossover trials


Zhulin Yin Institute for Cancer Research Development and Implementation of Efficient Adaptive Designs in Early Phase Oncology Trials for Targeted Agents
Abdullah Younis  University of Exeter  Assessing the value of outcome assessment blinding in randomised trials of complex interventions