What is Trials Methodology Research?

What is Trials Methodology Research? 


The MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership would like to raise awareness and understanding of 'What is Trials Methodology Research?' by describing some examples and providing resources. 

We hope these resources helps both researchers and Patient and Public Partners.

Trials Methodology Research has improved the design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials for the benefit of participants, researchers, and others who use the evidence to make decisions about healthcare.

The document below illustrates several examples of how Trials Methodology Research is making it easier for patients to take part, helping improve patient decision making, helping measure what matters, gathering reliable evidence more quickly and making trials more acceptable especially in challenging situations. 

Trials Methodology Research is increasingly drawing upon the active involvement of patients and the public in its work.

What is Trials Methodology? Some illustrative examples 

Derek Stewart has written the blog post 'What is Trials Methodology - a Patient Viewpoint' which summarises the important points about Trials Methodology Research for Patients. 

Derek has also written an update for TMRP (June 2020) highlighting the key points and questions around designing and conducting Trials Methodology Research which were identified at a MRC HTMR Network funded Workshop: 'Actively involving Patients in Trials Methodology Research' held in November 2019. The full workshop report can he found here.