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In addition to specific courses listed on these pages, our partner organisations also run various training events. Click on the titles below for more information.

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See below for a comprehensive offering of courses from the Kings College London Biostatistics and Health Informatics Department’s Executive Education Programme. With early bird discounts, discounted course fees available.

Our colleagues at the HRB-TMRN (Trial Methodology Research Network) in Ireland regular organise webinars, workshops and training events.

The MRC Biostatistics Unit runs a number of successful short courses each year on a range of topics for statistical, clinical and other audiences.

The MRC Biostatistics Unit has placed strong emphasis on the training of a new generation of biostatisticians, and on producing skilled researchers in this high demand area. The BSU PhD Programme provides opportunities for students from the mathematical sciences or related subjects to enter the world of biostatistics and benefit from rigorous training while engaging with exciting applications

Training courses include a PhD programme, postgraduate study, and a summer school in biostatistics.

Various training courses in aspects of trials open to researchers and CTU staff. Various short courses are offered, including; Introduction to Cancer Clinical Trials for new starters, Cancer treatments and their side effects - compliance and adverse event reporting and, Trial Outcomes - what are we trying to measure?

Bristol Medical School provides a programme of high quality intensive short courses in Population Health Sciences covering a range of health services research and epidemiological methods, as well as generic research skills. They are aimed at academics, public health specialists, health-care professionals and industry.

Courses range in duration from one to five days, and include courses relevant to those working in trials such as, Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis, Introduction to Research Governance and, Introduction to Network Meta Analysis.

The Mathematics and Statistics department offer a range of short courses for Scientists, Social Scientists and Health Researchers.

Courses on offer include; Using R, Multiple Linear Regression, Data and Safety Monitoring Boards, Adaptive and Bayesian Methods in Clinical Research, Missing data and Designing Phase I Dose Escalation studies.

Various courses in clinical trials and population health. Short courses include; Causal Inference in Epidemiology: Recent Methodological Developments, Introductory Course in Epidemiology & Medical Statistics and, Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses of Health Research.

The ICTM offer a number of short courses throughout the year, in order to both ensure that ICTM staff working on clinical trials are properly trained, and also to share the expertise of our staff with those working on clinical trials outside of ICTM. Courses include Data Monitoring Committees and Understanding Statistical Concepts in Clinical Research and STATA.

Our colleagues at the Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research regular organise webinars, workshops and training events.

The UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network is an organisation dedicated to developing research partnerships between academics, healthcare professionals, industry partners, regulatory bodies and the public, to support NHS delivery of stratified medicine to patients.

The Cochrane Community run various annual colloquia to bring researchers together, in addition to specific workshops on key skills including Systematic Reviews

The Global Health Training Centre brings together a wealth of training materials and resources from across The Global Health Network for all your research training and continued professional development needs. This platform is completely free

PSI is a global member organisation dedicated to leading and promoting best practice and industry initiatives for statisticians.

They host a range of courses focussed on trial design, and statistical methods. As well as an annual conference.

Various training courses and events including professional development and training, including GCP regulatory inspections and, Managing an Audit Programme.

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