Adaptive Designs

Adaptive Designs


The Adaptive Designs Working Group collaborates to increase uptake of methods, to improve knowledge and to link with key stakeholders such as regulators and industry in this important area for improving the speed and efficiency of trials.


Besides undertaking research on methods for adaptive designs (list of current research interest), the Network plays a vital role in increasing the implementation of adaptive design methodology, with the main barriers to implementation already identified as a lack of software and a lack of expertise. The future plans for this group include continued annual meetings, strengthening the engagement with industry and the development of collaborative inter-Hub visits to develop novel adaptive designs.

The group is focusing its efforts on preparing tutorial papers for applied journals and mainstream medical journals; presentations and lectures to increase uptake of methods amongst stakeholders; and the development of computer software to help researchers to undertake trials with adaptive designs. To support these activities the working group has a dedicated Outreach officer

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Working Group co-leads Dr Thomas Jaki and Dr Sofia Villar.