Clinical capacity building

Clinical capacity building

Training and career development in clinical trials

There are many challenges to setting up and running clinical trials in the UK, and there is concern that there will not be enough suitably trained clinicians to set up and run the next generation of clinical trials for the coming years.

Representatives from the Network are part of a Panel looking at clinical capacity building, and possible gaps in training the next generation of trialists and Chief Investigators.

Activities to date include:

  • Engagement with Royal Colleges to promote the importance of trials methodology for clinicians
  • Engagement with the Academy of Medical Sciences to discuss the importance of clinical trials in clinical training
  • Funding of two targeted workshops:

"Clinical trials methodology:Key issues for successful study design and conduct" July 2014 and

How to be a good CI” February 2015 and September 2015. New workshop scheduled for October 2016.

For an up to date list of trials methodology training opportunities see here