Network advice on trials methodology

The individual Hubs for Trials Methodology Research provide extensive support and advice to researchers with questions about the use of non-standard methods in trials, both individually and collectively through the Network and its Working Groups. The Hubs also help colleagues in Clinical Trials Units and the Research Design Service when they receive enquiries, and the Network itself can act as a clearing house for queries that cannot be resolved by an individual Hub.

The Methodology Advisory Service for Trials (MAST) provides additional support to colleagues based in a Clinical Trials Unit or Research Design Service with non-standard methods queries who are unsure about which Hub to approach for advice. In these cases please feel free to contact the Network directly and we will connect you to one of our team. You should send an email to us at including:

  • Your name, email address and telephone number
  • The name of your Clinical Trials Unit or Research Design Service
  • The nature and context of your query
  • The name and current status of the relevant trial

Researchers or principal investigators who wish to avail of this Network service should first approach their local Hub, Clinical Trials Unit or Research Design Service, if known. The links at the bottom of this page will help you to find the one closest to you.

What advice can we offer?

The Hubs and the Network support researchers, statisticians and other methodologists in the Clinical Trials Units and Research Design Services who encounter challenges with non-standard methods in trials, which are not easily answered by the current literature or guidance. This support includes the opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different methods, connection to a relevant expert in the Network who might collaborate on the trial, or the development of a SWAT (Study Within A Trial) to help resolve uncertainties.

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