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Training in Trials Methodology Research

The HTMR Network has identified training courses relevant to clinical trials methodology that are offered in the UK and Ireland. The individual Hubs also offer various short courses and studentships in many aspects of trials methodology. There are some formal qualifications in trial methodology also listed below.

Please note the HTMR Network does not formally endorse any particular training courses.

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For individual workshops organised by the Network and Hubs see here

Short courses



Improving Health by Improving Trials: Clinical Trial Training for Investigators/ University of Liverpool  More info

27 April- 1 May 2015

Introduction to Bayesian Analysis using WinBUGS/ MRC BSU More info

13-14 May 2015

Adaptive designs for oncology/University of Liverpool

21 May 2015

Designing Phase I Dose Escalation Studies/ University of Lancaster More info

8 June 2015

Modern Mediation Analysis in Randomised Trials/ University of Liverpool

23-25 June 2015

Advanced Epidemiological and Statistical Methods/ University of Bristol More info

22- 26 June 2015

European Advanced Summer School in Biostatistics/ MRC BSU More info

7-11 September 2015

Bayesian Methods in Health Economics/MRC BSU More info

24-26 November 2015

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Training in trials and trial management

Course title Date of course Brief description
Design and analysis of randomised trials/University of Bristol June

A five-day course covering key issues in the design, analysis and reporting of clinical trials. The course focuses on randomised trials in the evaluation of healthcare technologies. More info

Randomised controlled trials: a guide to design , conduct analysis and interpretation and reporting/University of Oxford September A five-day course providing a detailed overview, including design, ethics, sample size, conduct, publication of randomised trials. More info
Edinburgh Clinical Trials Management Course/University of Edinburgh November A two-day course covering management of randomised trials. More info
Research Methods/University of Birmingham July and November This three day course in research methods for clinical trials, which is designed to help researchers apply the most effective practical methods to answer key problems in clinical and other health care research.  More info
Clinical Trials/LSHTM June This five day course provides attendees with a clear understanding of the fundamental principles of Randomised Clinical Trials (RCTs). More info
Running Randomised Clinical Trials/Keele University June This four day course will improve your knowledge and skills in the design, practical conduct, management and analysis of randomised clinical trials (RCTs). More info

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Masters courses

Title Style


MSc in Clinical Research

Online course

University of Liverpool / Laureate Online Education

MSc in Clinical Trials

Online course- distance learning

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

MSc in Clinical Research Taught degree School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) University of Sheffield

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Other training resources



Lancaster University

The MPS Research Unit has prepared a suite of professional development courses that may be commissioned by a company or organisation, tailored to meet special requirements and presented at a location of your choice both for statisticians and non-statisticians. University of Lancaster MPS Research Unit

The Cochrane Collaboration

We run workshops designed to help people prepare and update Cochrane systematic reviews. There are four core workshops  developed to help authors at different stages of review preparation, from beginning a review protocol through to completing the  review. UK Cochrane Centre

Research Quality Association

As an Association dedicated to informing and advancing its members, we provide status and visibility for individuals concerned with the quality of research and development concerning pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, chemicals and medical devices. http://www.therqa.com/

Farr Institute

Various training courses and events including professional development and training at Swansea University
CRUK CTU- University college London

Various training courses in aspects of trials open to researchers and CTU staff UCL cancer trials centre

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The HTMR Network is not responsible for the content of any external websites. Deadlines are correct at time of circulation. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure the correct submission deadline for any external funding scheme or for conference/course registration.

In compiling this list, we have focused on training activities that are mainly or exclusively about clinical trials. We recognise that many other courses might also be useful to people involved in clinical trials (for example, systematic reviews, time management, statistical or economic analysis, and qualitative research methodology) but this list is not comprehensive. 

Please contact the Network if you would like to request a course relevant to clinical trials methodology to be added.