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Training in Trials Methodology Research

There are some formal qualifications in trial methodology including the University of Liverpool's MSc in Clinical Trial Administration and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine's Masters in Clinical Trials by distance learning. 

In addition, the HTMR Network has identified training courses relevant to clinical trials methodology that are offered in the UK and Ireland. The individual Hubs also offer various short courses and studentships in many aspects of trials methodology. This list is not comprehensive, so please contact the Network if you would like to request a course relevant to clinical trials methodology to be added to this list please email us.

Please note the HTMR Network does not endorse any particular training courses.



Brief description



Professional development courses- various themes

Regular intervals throughout the year

The MPS Research Unit courses are aimed at statisticians working in clinical research. Courses take place at Lancaster University and include:

Pharmacological Modelling

Survival and Event History Analysis

Adaptive and Bayesian Methods in Clinical Research

Genomics: Technologies and Data Analyses

Designing Early Phase Trials

Lancaster University  HERE
Practical methods for analysing ordinal outcome data in clinical trials various

A two-day workshop providing detailed, practical training in ordinal methods for outcome data to researchers.

University of Edinburgh HERE

MRC Biostatistics Unit- various courses

various Statistics courses for trialists. Courses include Bayesian statistics and winBUGS University of Cambridge HERE
MRC Conduct Hub- various courses



The School of Social and Community Medicine provides a programme of high quality intensive short courses covering a range of health services research and epidemiological methods, as well as generic research skills.

They are aimed at academics, public health specialists, health-care professionals and industry. Courses range in duration from one to five days. These courses are designed and taught by members of the school with some invited speakers from the UK and abroad.

University of Bristol  HERE

Introduction to research governance

annually- February

A two-day course covering all aspects of research governance for clinical trials


University of Bristol


Design and analysis of randomised trials

annually- June

A five-day course covering key issues in the design, analysis and reporting of clinical trials. The course focuses on randomised trials in the evaluation of healthcare technologies.

The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of key issues in the design, analysis and reporting of clinical trials. The course focuses on randomised controlled trials in the evaluation of healthcare technologies. Observational epidemiological study designs, including cross-sectional, cohort and case-control studies, are not covered in this course.

University of Bristol



Edinburgh clinical trial management course

annually- November

A two-day course covering management of randomised trials.

University of Edinburgh



Randomised controlled Trials: a guide to design, conduct, analysis and interpretation and reporting

annually- September


A five-day course providing a detailed overview, including design, ethics, sample size, conduct, publication of randomised trials.

Centre for Statistics in Medicine, Oxford



ORBIT (Outcome Reporting Bias in Trials)


A one-day workshop to provide the review author with a background to the problem of outcome reporting bias (ORB) and how it might lead to misleading conclusions, to demonstrate how a review author might identify such bias in their review, and to present techniques for assessing the robustness of the meta-analysis to such bias.

University of Liverpool



COMET (Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials)- meetings and workshops


Events meetings and workshops covering development and consensus on core outcome measures.

University of Liverpool



The Cochrane Collaboration training workshops



Variety of workshops relevant to clinical trials (but most of the workshops are focused on systematic reviews)

UK Cochrane Centre



MSc in Clinical Research

on-going- online course

The online MSc in Clinical Research is designed for professionals working in health-related disciplines who wish to begin or enrich a career in clinical research. Modules cover the ethical, legal and regulatory considerations that affect clinical trials, from the essentials of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), to the design and conduct of clinical protocol, biostatistics, data management, product development and health economics.

University of Liverpool / Laureate Online Education



Research Quality Association



The Research Quality Association offers distance learning on GCP, UK clinical trials regulation and good manufacturing practice for IMPs.


(formerly: http://www.barqa.com/)

 Research Quality Association



Joint modelling of longitudinal and event time data in clinical research (JoineR) regular intervals throughout the year (1) To provide the clinical research community with an awareness of potential problems in commonly occurring clinical and observational data, the inefficiency of simple approaches, the practical relevance of joint modelling, and the availability of joint modelling methods in freely available, documented software.
(2) To improve current practice in the analysis of the complex longitudinal data structures that commonly arise in clinical and public health research.
University of Liverpool HERE

Clinical Trials Training courses at UCL Cancer Trials Centre

various dates If you are based in a Trial Unit, or Hospital Site, you may be interested in some of the training events that take place at the Cancer Trials Centre this year. University College London HERE


In compiling this list, we have focused on training activities that are mainly or exclusively about clinical trials. We recognise that many other courses might also be useful to people involved in clinical trials (for example, systematic reviews, time management, statistical or economic analysis, and qualitative research methodology) but due to space considerations this list is not comprehensive.

The HTMR Network is not responsible for the content of any external websites. Deadlines are correct at time of circulation. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure the correct submission deadline for any external funding scheme or for conference/course registration.

3rd International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference= Glasgow 2015


Current job vacancies and PhDs at Hubs within the Network HERE