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Accessibility Features

This site has been designed to allow basic accessibility features. The site conforms to WCAG 1.0 (Level AA), and is developed using best practices for accessibility.

Text Size

The text size is set to a moderate size which is neither too large nor too small, however some users may want to increase the size of the text.

To change the size of text by clicking on the "A" links positioned underneath the banner, select and click the required size and the text of the page will be adjusted accordingly. Alternatively you can use the facility of your Browser which allows you to adjust the text size.

For 'Internet Explorer' users: Menu > View > Text Size > Larger | Largest (The option to reduce the text size is here also.)

For 'Firefox' users: Menu > View > Text Size > Increase (The option to reduce the text size is here also.)

Users of all other Browsers should consult the Browser documentation/help to determine the way to change the text size for that particular Browser.

PDF Output

For users who would like to read a page in PDF format for any reason can use the "View as PDF" feature.  On any page, underneath the banner, you can find a link titled "View as PDF", when you click on this the page will load up as a PDF document.