Training courses in trials and methodology

The HTMR Network has identified training courses relevant to clinical trials methodology that are offered in the UK and Ireland. For workshops and conferences see here.

Our partners run a range of regular courses in general trials methodology and shorter skills-specific workshops. Links to additional resources from our partners are also listed below.  These listings are provided as information only, and the HTMR Network does not formally endorse any particular training courses.

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General training in trials

Title/link to courseCourse detailsHostDate
[[|MSc in Clinical Trials]]Masters courseLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineDistance learning- online course
[[|MSc in Clinical Research]]Masters courseSchool of Health and Related Research - University of SheffieldTaught degree
[[|MSc in Clinical Trials]]Masters courseUniversity College LondonTaught degree
[[|Running randomised clinical trials]]Short course- Four day course to improve your knowledge and skills in the design, practical conduct, management and analysis of randomised clinical trialsKeele UniversityJune
[[|Design and analysis of randomised trials]]Short course- Five day course. The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of key issues in the design, analysis and reporting of clinical trials.University of BristolJune
[[|Research Methods]]Short course- Three day course in research methods for clinical trials.University of BirminghamJuly and November
[[http://|Randomised controlled trials: a guide to design, conduct analysis and interpretation and reporting]]Short course- Five-day course providing a detailed overview, including design, ethics, sample size, conduct, publication of randomised trials.University of OxfordSeptember
[[|Improving health by improving trials- clinical training for investigators]]Short course- Five day course including trial design, trial conduct, recruitment of trial participants, public and patient involvement, analysis and reporting, health economics.University of LiverpoolSeptember
[[|Edinburgh clinical trials management course]]Short course- Two-day course covering management of randomised trialsUniversity of EdinburghNovember
Title/link to courseCourse detailsHostDate

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Short courses- specific skills

Title/link to courseCourse detailsHostDate
[[|Introduction to research governance]]Short Course- Two day course giving a general introduction to aspects of research governance and ethics.University of BristolFebruary
[[|Introduction to qualitative research methods]]Short Course- Five day course intended to give an overview and introduction to the major qualitative research methods used in the social scientific study of health and illness and increasingly in public health, health services and other health-related research.University of BristolFebruary
[[|Adaptive and Bayesian methods in clinical research]]Short course- Three day course including adaptive designs and Bayesian methods for trials.University of LancasterMarch
[[|Introduction to Rates and Survival Analysis]]Short Course- Two day course on survival analysis using Stata, Poisson and Cox.University of BristolApril
[[|Introduction to linear and logistic regression models]]Short Course- Five day course to provide an understanding of the statistical principles behind, and the practical application of, univariable and multivariable linear and logistic regression in medical, epidemiological and health services research.University of BristolMay
[[|Designing Phase I dose escalation studies]]Short course- One day course focussed on state of the art methodology for dose-escalation studies.University of LancasterJune
[[|Advanced epidemiological and statistical methods]]Short Course- Five day course to provide a grounding in the concepts and analysis of causal models, clustered data, missing data and measurement error.University of BristolJune
[[|Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of health research]]Short Course- Five day course to provide participants with a basis in the design, analysis and interpretation of systematic reviews of health research. Participants will be given grounding in all aspects involved in conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis, and will have the opportunity to gain practical experience of the tasks involved. London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineSeptember
[[|Independent Data Monitoring Committees ]]Short Course- One day course aimed at those currently or soon to be involved in Independent Data Monitoring Committees (IDMC), and will answer the question: "What do people who serve on them, report to them or receive reports from them need to know?University College LondonOctober
[[|Bayesian methods in health economics]]Short course- Two day course which aims to provide an introduction to Bayesian analysis and MCMC methods using R and MCMC sampling software (such as OpenBUGS and JAGS), as applied to cost-effectiveness analysis and typical models used in health economic evaluations.MRC Biostatistics UnitNovember
[[|Mendelian randomization course]]Short Course- Two day course which intends to explain both simple and more complex statistical methods for causal inference in Mendelian Randomization studies, and the instrumental variable assumptions on which they are based. The course includes computing practicals using Stata.MRC Biostatistics UnitNovember
[[|Introduction to statistics]]Short Course- Five day course aimed at introducing the basic statistical concepts and methods commonly used in medical and public health research.University of BristolNovember
[[|Trial outcomes - what are we trying to measure?]]Short Course- half day covering the most common primary outcomes measures used in early and late phase cancer trials (response and time to event measures such as survival, disease free survival etc).University College LondonDecember
Title/link to courseCourse detailsHostDate

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Training resources - various courses

Our collegues at the HRB-Trial Methodology Research Network in Ireland regular organise webinars, workshops and training events.

The MRC Biostatistics Unit runs a number of successful short courses each year on a range of topics for statistical, clinical and other audiences.

Various training courses in aspects of trials open to researchers and CTU staff.

A range of short courses are available in various areas including methodology.

The MPS Research Unit has prepared a suite of professional development courses for both for statisticians and non-statisticians.

Various courses in clinical trials and population health.

Various training courses and events including professional development and training.

The HTMR Network is not responsible for the content of any external websites. Deadlines are correct at time of circulation. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure the correct submission deadline for any external funding scheme or for conference/course registration.

In compiling this list, we have focused on training activities that are mainly or exclusively about clinical trials. We recognise that many other courses might also be useful to people involved in clinical trials (for example, systematic reviews, time management, statistical or economic analysis, and qualitative research methodology) but this list is not comprehensive.

Please contact us if you would like to request a course relevant to clinical trials methodology to be added to this list.

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