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TitleFirst authorReference
How individual participant data meta-analyses have influenced trial design, conduct, and analysisJayne Tierney et al[[|Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2015]]
Uptake of systematic reviews and meta-analyses based on individual participant data in clinical practice guidelines: descriptive studyClaire Vale et al[[|BMJ 2015]]
Surgical trials in head and neck oncology: Renaissance and revolution?Richard Shaw et al[[|Head & Neck 2015]]
Good Practice Principles for Sharing Individual Participant Data from Publicly Funded Clinical TrialsCatrin Tudur Smith et al [[|HTMR Network 2015]]
Interventions to improve recruitment and retention in clinical trials: a survey and workshop to assess current practice and future priorities.Peter Bower et al[[|Trials 20149]]
Adaptive designs for clinical trials assessing biomarker-guided treatment strategies.James Wason et al[[|British Journal of Cancer 2014 ]]
Risk-proportionate clinical trial monitoring: an example approach from a non-commercial trials unit.Catrin Tudur Smith et al [[|Trials 2014 ]]
Evidence for the selective reporting of analyses and discrepancies in clinical trials: a systematic review of cohort studies of clinical trials.Kerry Dwan et al[[|PLoS Med 2014]]
Patient-reported outcomes in randomized clinical trials: development of ISOQOL reporting standards.Michael Brundage et al[[|Qual Life Res. 2013]]
Can a core outcome set improve the quality of systematic reviews?--a survey of the Co-ordinating Editors of Cochrane Review Groups.Jamie J Kirkham et al[[|Trials. 2013]]
Reporting of patient-reported outcomes in randomized trials: the CONSORT PRO extension.Melanie Calvert et al [[|JAMA. 2013 ]]
Principles of dose finding studies in cancer: a comparison of trial designs.Thomas Jaki et al[[|Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2013]]
Developing complex interventions for nursing: a critical review of key guidelines.Margarita Corry et al[[|J Clin Nurs. 2013]]
The use of systematic reviews in the planning, design and conduct of randomised trials: a retrospective cohort of NIHR HTA funded trials.Ashley P Jones et al[[|BMC Med Res Methodol. 2013 ]]
Adaptive designs for dual-agent phase I dose-escalation studies.Jennifer A Harrington et al[[|Nat Rev Clin Oncol. 2013 ]]
Patient reported outcomes (PROs) in clinical trials: is 'in-trial' guidance lacking? a systematic review.Derek G Kyte et al[[|PLoS One. 20131]]
Evidence synthesis for decision making 7: a reviewer's checklist.Anthony E Ades et al [[|Med Decis Making. 2013 ]]
Evidence synthesis for decision making 2: a generalized linear modeling framework for pairwise and network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.Sofia Dias et al[[|Med Decis Making. 2013 ]]
Resource-use measurement based on patient recall: issues and challenges for economic evaluation.Joanna C Thorn et al[[|Appl Health Econ Health Policy. 2013]]
Systematic review of the empirical evidence of study publication bias and outcome reporting bias - an updated review.Kerry Dwan et al[[|PLoS One. 2013 ]]
bcrm: Bayesian Continual Reassessment Method Designs for Phase I Dose Finding TrialsMichael Sweeting et al[[|J.Stat Software 2013]]
Planning multi-arm screening studies within the context of a drug development program.James Wason et al[[|Stat Med. 2013]]
Some recommendations for multi-arm multi-stage trials.James Wason et al[[|Stat Methods Med Res. 2013]]
The CONSORT Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) extension: implications for clinical trials and practice.Melanie Calvert et al[[|Health Qual Life Outcomes. 2013]]
Central statistical monitoring in multicentre clinical trials: developing statistical approaches for analysing key risk indicatorsJemma C Hopewell et al[[|Trials 2013 ]]
Driving up the quality and relevance of research through the use of agreed core outcomes.Paula Williamson et al[[|J Health Serv Res Policy. 2012 ]]
Recruiting patients into randomized clinical trials in surgery (W C H Jacobs et al[[|Br J Surg 2012]]
Optimal design of multi-arm multi-stage trials.James M S Wason et al[[|Stat Med. 2012 ]]
Developing core outcome sets for clinical trials: issues to consider.Paula Williamson et al[[|Trials. 2012]]
Standard 1: consent and recruitment.Patrina H Y Caldwell et al[[|Paediatrics 2012]]
Recruiting patients into randomized clinical trials in surgery.Jane M Blazeby[[|Br J Surg. 2012]]
Interventions to improve the use of systematic reviews in decision-making by health system managers, policy makers and clinicians.Lakshmi Murthy et al[[|Cochrane Library 2012]]
The value of source data verification in a cancer clinical trial.Catrin Tudur Smith et al [[|PLoS One. 2012 ]]
Development of a database of instruments for resource-use measurement: purpose, feasibility, and design.Colin H Ridyard et al[[|Value Health. 2012 ]]
Indirect and mixed treatment comparisons in arthritis research.Anthony E Ades et al [[|Rheumatology. 2011]]
Are head-to-head trials of biologics needed? The role of value of information methods in arthritis research.Nicky J Welton et al[[|Rheumatology 2011]]
An overview of models used in economic analyses of biologic therapies for arthritis--from current diversity to future consensus.Jason Madan et al[[|Rheumatology 2011]]
Effectiveness of biologics in rheumatology: improving the evidence base.Alan J Silman et al[[|Rheumatology 2011]]
Reporting quality of life in clinical trials: a CONSORT extension.Melanie Calvert et al[[|Lancet. 2011 ]]
A key risk indicator approach to central statistical monitoring in multicentre clinical trials: method development in the context of an ongoing large-scale randomized trialJemma Hopewell et al [[ |Trials 2011]]
Methods for the collection of resource use data within clinical trials: a systematic review of studies funded by the UK Health Technology Assessment program.Colin H Ridyard et al[[|Value in Health 2010]]
TitleFirst authorReference