CTMC2011 »  Complex Interventions

Session: Trials of Complex Interventions

Complex interventions are widely used in the health service, in public health practice, and in areas of social policy that have important health consequences, such as education, transport, and housing’. The ‘MRC Framework for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions’, sought to improve the design and feasibility of such trials. Since then, the Framework has been updated, and it has been applied in a wide variety of different trial settings.


- review and discuss the process of developing, designing and running trials of complex interventions.

- address the methodological challenges in these trials

- review new methodologies or offer empirical evidence on the value of different approaches

 - describe first hand experience of such trials

Oral Presentations

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Randomised trials of complex interventions

Designing trials of complex interventions for Efficacy and Mechanisms Evaluation

Modelling multiple outcomes to improve the detection of causal mediation effects in complex intervention trials

A Method for Aggregating The Reporting of Interventions in Complex Studies (MATRICS)