CTMC2011 »  Clustering within Trials

Session: Clustering within Trials and Cluster RCTs

Clustering is commonly encountered in pragmatic trials, in both cluster and individually randomised controlled trials.


- review and discuss how we can account for therapist and group effects within the context of individually randomised controlled trials

- identify sources of clustering and how these should be accounted for in the design and analysis of both types of trials

- consider advances in the sample size estimation of cluster randomised trials, including how to deal with variation in cluster size within the sample

Oral Presentations

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Statistical issues in the analysis of non-pharmacological therapy trials with clustering by care-provider or therapy group

Stratified randomisation: a hidden form of clustering?

The analysis of an individually randomised clinical trial of back pain with clustering effect due to group sessions and repeated measures

A review of methodology for sample size calculations in cluster randomised trials