CTMC2011 »  Adaptive Designs Session

Session: Adaptive Designs


- review and discuss designs that change the allocation ratios, endpoints, dropping/adding treatment arms and/or early stopping rules

- illustrate application of novel designs either using Bayesian or classical approaches

- estimate treatment effects and the use bias reduction methods

- design multiple trials so that better decisions are made during the life-course of intervention development; this includes seamless trials

Oral Presentations

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Adaptive Designs: Current Status, Future Outlook

An adaptive seamless phase II/III clinical trial design incorporating short-term endpoint information

Flexible trial design in practice – dropping and adding arms in STAMPEDE: a multi-arm multi-stage randomised controlled trial (MRC PR08, CRUK/06/019)

Optimal design of multi-arm multi-stage (MAMS) clinical trials

An adaptive confirmatory trial with interim treatment selection: practical experiences and unbalanced randomisation