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Session: Retention and Adherence

Difficulties with retaining participants in a trial and in dealing with lack of adherence to the trial intervention are common problems in trials. These issues are relevant for trials of long-term treatments (eg in TB and HIV) and of complex interventions.  It may be an issue for the conduct and analysis of trials rather than design.  


- review and discuss trials of methods to improve retention and adherence

- discuss the strengths and weaknesses of cluster and other designs to reduce contamination

- discuss the design of feasibility studies to examine and improve adherence to trial interventions (rather than concentrating on recruitment)

- discuss the implications of poor adherence – Is it a problem or is it a useful indicator of poor effectiveness of an intervention?

- examine the interpretation of ITT analyses with contamination between arms

Oral Presentations

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Retention in clinical trials

Departure from treatment protocol in published RCTs: a review

Use of the medication event monitoring system for assessing medication adherence for chronic conditions: Results from a 12 month trial of patients in remission with ulcerative colitis

Adherence in a randomised controlled trial comparing liberal and restrictive red blood cell transfusion thresholds after cardiac surgery