HDR UK TMRP Patient-Reported Outcomes for Better Care, Better Research Meeting 

23 November 2020

Co-chaired by Alice Turnbull, National Programme Director - Better Care, HDR UK and Paula Williamson, Chair, MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership

Aims and objectives of the workshop:

To consider how PROs can be embedded in routine practice to improve care and improve research

  • Highlight key areas of research in this field
  • Identify opportunities and challenges to implementation
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate to drive progress in this area


Recording of short talks 

View the speaker slides 

Melanie Calvert, University of Birmingham, ‘Maximising the impact of PRO assessment for patients and society’

Keith Bodger, University of Liverpool, ‘Supplementing registry data with PROM data collected through apps’

Kerry Avery/Angus McNair, University of Bristol, ‘Randomised trials of PROM monitoring as a healthcare intervention’

Paula Williamson, MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership,  ‘How to optimise e-PRO data collection’

Tom Willgoss, Patient Centered Outcomes Research, Roche, ‘Balancing different stakeholder needs for clinical and research purposes’

Patricia Cubi-Molla, Office of Health Economics, ‘Using ePROMs in outcome-based payment schemes: are we there yet?’